Today lots of marketing campaigns pass by like a ship in the night. That's a shame really, as the sole purpose of advertising is to sell.

We'd like to think that we know what it takes to get your work noticed again. 

We'd like to think that we can help you forge a deep connection with your consumer.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an ad, a video, a mail or a tweet. It’s how they make your consumer feel that counts. We work according to the TapForward model, today’s most effective communication model in our digital world creating important positive effects on branding and sales.​

We are a new agency, working in new ways driven by strong strategic insights and creative output. Please watch our work.


How did it made you feel? Did it make you laugh? Did you have a tear in your eye? If it did, let’s talk.


Because we know how to make your consumers feel the same way. And that is the first thing that needs to happen if you want to sell them something.


Let’s connect. Deeply.


Our work connects you with your consumers

"Enfin une superbe pub. Ça change."

Francis C. on the EG Little Girl and Viking campaign 

(Source: EG Facebook Page, Dec 24th 2018)

"J'ai commencé à en prendre 😉😉"

Magali S. on the EG Fultium campaign 

(Source: Facebook, Dec 4th 2018)

"La pub de EG avec le viking... elle est juste trop mignonne. J'ai le coeur qui se sert a chaque fois que je la vois"

Linda L. on the EG Fultium campaign

(Source: Facebook, Dec 7th 2018)

Pfff die reclame van EG met die viking is het mooiste ooit :’)

Sirene on the EG Little Girl and The Viking campaign (Source: Twitter, Dec 29th 2018)

"Nu al een geslaagde marketingcampagne #ikweethetzeker"

Jean-Michel L. on the EG #ikweethetzeker campaign 

(Source: Twitter, Oct 11th 2018)


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Sept. 23, 2023 at 11am

De nieuwe generatie marketeers denkt dat reclame enkel draait om Facebook-posts en Google AdWords, terwijl ons vak veel groter is dan dat

Sept. 23, 2023 at 11am



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